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It is nuts. And it is almost completely unrelated to photography. I like to say that of all the decisions that photographers make, the choice of "Nikon or Canon" is perhaps the one that has the least effect on the quality of your work. Both are fine, and great photographs are regularly made with both brands.

Hysteria is the right word...


qwakshot wrote:

The explosion of venom and anxiety here recently is crazy. I see people trying to drag any little spec to use to combat perceived superiorty of another brand. I saw wedding photographers write that the D800 is no good for weddings because the production process would take too long and require new computer hardware - no one told the digital medium format wedding photographers that one. I even see comparisions between the 5D Mark III and the D4. Absolutely crazy!

I have used Nikon products for 20 years - I can't even remember why I chose Nikon to begin with, maybe my father's influence, but I have the usual lens investment issue to deal with when it comes to the idea of changing brands. Nonetheless, I am interested in Canon developments because I am fascinated by technology and I like that Canon and Nikon push each other. I understand that this is also an emotional thing for some people.

When I get the chance to play around with a Canon DSLR I jump at it. The 5D Mk III looks like a terrific camera, and I don't see why it could not be a substitue for the D800 in any circumstance. Likewise the D4 and the 1Dx.

I like that the D800 offers a great mp latitude, but at the same time pixelpeeping and fine-grained spec comparison is useless for the following reasons:

Real world conditions (in which we actually take photographs) change so dramatically second to second that comparison is useless unless the device is clearly inferior in some crippling way that will deny you expression.

Great photography of any school or genre has never been dependent on any particular specs.

The question is, what possibilities do these new devices open for us? While the Mk III and the D800 are different, the possibilities will follow. That's a good thing.

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