Transportation for the 21st cenrury

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Re: Transportation for the 21st cenrury

JulesJ wrote:

The problem is that electricity is not clean if produced by burning fossil fuels. Charging a car up still pollutes. Hydrogen is an alternative but car producers are slow off the mark in this field, mostly because of the costs involved. Alternatives like solar and wind will never produce enough to satisfy our needs and nuclear is notnow an acceptable alternative either. Higher MPG cars arrive by the day and help and even though the Prius for instance causes venom and hate on this forum from a few posters (well one anyway), they are the way to go and help. Sadly cars, especially in the US are more about image than getting from A-B.

dona2 wrote:

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Jules, I wouldn't second guess the fortitude of the USA to find alternative and cleaner energy sources. There are many available and many more to come. It was only recently that major cities, including London, that were choking on their polluted air. LA and Mexico were also a case in point. Garbage was also a huge problem. Things have dramatically changed and for the better.

Natural gas is only one fuel source that is abundant and there are many more. What is required is to get off burning anything. The all electric revolution is about to begin and that is my point. All industrialized countries, generally, have rushed up to the breaking edge before making a right turn. The USA is not alone in this regard, it is just the biggest target. Personally I am quite hopeful that the problem has been recognized and a real effort is now being made to turn things around for everyones sake.
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Jules, please reread my original post. I too drive a Prius but even if everyone did that alone won't save the world. Every little bit helps however. Hydrogen is still a ways off but it certainly is moving in the right direction. Fusion is even further off.

As for nuclear power plants, the subject of nuclear fission does get some people nervous and rightly so if only considering enriched, or not, uranium fuel rods cooled with light or heavy water. This is the favored system for all the wrong reasons. However as I have stated this is a straw man.

My favorite fission system is the graphite pebble bed reactor using helium gas as the moderator. There are other systems that are nearly foolproof but this one seems to check all the boxes I attach a recent magazine article--

Don V. Armitage

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