Petition to make Panasonic react

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Re: Petition to make Panasonic react

Gabi wrote:

Although I believe (like most posters here) that Panasonic will remain unimpressed by a petition, they should really have a vital interest to solve that issue. They will try to sell more X-lenses in the future (e. g. the long-awaited 12-35/2.8) but I will definitely not buy this (or any other X-) lens before it is clear that it does not exhibit the same problems.

Same here.

I'm also very annoyed with O&P for allowing the MFT lens standard to become divided as they have. There doesn't appear to be any technical reason why there isn't full compatibility between all bodies and lenses, but you can't even use the OIS of a switchless lens on an Olympus body, let alone have all the control options available. At least on the consumer end, that's a dumb move, and it looks like a short sighted business move against the other. As it is, I don't see myself buying a MFT lens that doesn't work properly on both makes of bodies.

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