5DIII: slow-motion video would have devoured the market

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Re: Give me another break/reading comprehension

Thanks Matty for the more balanced response.

Matty W wrote:

Who are your clients that want to see very low resolution videos of things (exteriors exclusively because of flicker issues) moving very slowly?

The paid work I get largely involves event photography and video for marketing companies and musicians. The musicians generally want their gigs filmed so the most interesting spec for me is how high the ISO goes for video work (5DII: 12800, 5DIII: 25600, D800: unconfirmed).

Slow-motion video is interesting for me artistically. I like to create videos for music too, in the style of experimental animation except it's all real video, using tricks of macro, light, bokeh and even glass filters to give the moving images a sense of surreal irreality. Slow-motion would be another very useful trick.

After researching this further I remain convinced that it will be a mirrorless system camera which will implement an electronic shutter and offer us, initially, something like 210fps at 640x480. The tech might develop until we're able to shoot anything from 200-600fps at 1080p with sub-€1000 cameras (might take a good 5 years, tho').

Like I said earlier, the Nikon 1 series already offers 400fps at 640x240 with a sensor of 13x9mm...it's a step in the right direction, but a more sensible resolution ratio is required.

Also, it's worth remembering that the first generation DVD standard was only something like 700x500 resolution, and we were all raving about the picture quality when they took over from VHS. So I would be very happy with 210fps at 640x480 from a NEX or Micro-Fourthirds, at least for a couple of years until the tech got better.

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