Summary of X10's functions and flaws

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Re: Summary of X10's functions and flaws

Timur Born wrote:

lensez wrote:

...Have you investigated shooting like this? RAW with A-perture priority EV -2/3 or -1. ... Then finally adjust the exposure and/or dynamic range in post processing. This seems to preserve highlights that would otherwise be blown and provide an all-around well exposed image. Your thoughts or experience on this would be welcomed.

Thanks for the feedback, Gary. What you describe is in essence what HR DR does, it underexposes by -1 EV (DR 200) or -2 EV (DR 400) and then adjusts exposure (lifts shadows and mids) while preserving the highlights. I did not care to compare that to manual raw processing results, but in another thread I demonstrated how manual processing would compare on a JPG (raw should be working better even). One of these is DR 400, one is underexposed and manually processed DR 100.

Thanks Timur. I see. Looks like HR DR would save some steps. I'm (obviously) still learning how to best operate the X10. In the meantime I've been using the old standard methods from other cameras.

I really appreciate your sharing how to get the best out of our X10s.

And here the original overexposed DR 100 shot:

What HR DR does is to save you the manual work and decision to underexpose (expose to the right, aka for the highlights) when taking the shot. You could just as well (or better) use a lower ISO yourself and then lift exposure manually in post-processing.

Gary K

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