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Re: This "Review" is a travesty...

Marco Nero wrote:

You see, I’m always late at making commitments on technology. I bought my first iPhone just two weeks before the iPhone 4 was announced {oops!} and then bought my first iPad, again, just 10 days before the iPad 2 was announced {ouch}. So naturally, I was just about to commit to a G12 the day the announcement about the G1 X was made. Phew – I dodged that one!

  • TRANSLATION: "I am too miserly to buy any product when it is first announced because I like to wait long enough (at least a year) for the price to fall. Then, when I buy it, another model is announced and that new model always looks better than the one I just bought so I suffer from what is technically known as Buyers Remorse. I do not deserve to be using a G1X but I bought one anyway because, even though it was expensive, I have to blog about something with cameras and I can declare it on my tax now."

Mr Nero, some people are not just 'early' adopters and they may take long to buy things. You are just interpreting that as being miserly?

miser |ˈmīzər|
a person who hoards wealth and spends as little money as possible.

ORIGIN late 15th cent. (as an adjective in the sense ‘miserly’): from Latin, literally ‘wretched.’

... Jebus.

Menus – The menu system is fab. I didn’t bother with the manual , just turned it on and started playing.

  • No offense to the reviewer, but only a FOOL would ignore the instruction manual and then go on to make error after error in a camera review for a device she has only handled for a couple of days. She writes a review that's meant to "inform readers" and she states this on her blog.... yet she didn't even bother to read the stupid manual. What on Earth is wrong with this person?

Well then that makes a lot of fools in the world.

You may go around with a black cape and fist in the air uttering "You fool, you have ignored the manual....


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