Reaction to Canon 5D3 - not enough MP!

Started Mar 11, 2012 | Discussions thread
Julio Veteran Member • Posts: 4,886
It's more complicated

What I'm seeing over there is mostly "sticker shock"

Leaving video aside for a moment, Canon developed a strong following for the 5D models by offering their top of the line 1D series sensor in a lesser body at a bargain price.

The 5D3 does the opposite: a lesser sensor in a pimped body at a higher price.

It's no longer a bargain and it's not the best Canon sensor.

The Mpixel comparisons are more suitable for the DPR forum wars than anything else.

As a long time Canonite, I have to admit that the D800E might just be the body that tips me over to the dark side...or as you guys here would say, the light side

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