D4 x 5D3 ISO series in ACR, IR raws (large file)

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Re: D4 x 5D3 ISO series in ACR, IR raws . Ignorance

Actually, I'm starting to like that site of the many graphs.

If we look at this graph here

we can see that according to that curve, at 400 or 800 Iso the D4 against the D800 will have an advantage of about 1 stop in S/N just in read noise on optical black; I would expect a field advantage of around 1.5 or 2 stops at that ISO, due to lower shot noise, justifying the separate model's existence. I have trouble interpreting the flat tending curves as ISO crawls up, but assume they might mean that the shot noise overwhelms the read noise totally at that point.

Maybe the author of the data can comment? He seems to have put a lot of effort into the data, and a few legends might help the reader


emdundronald wrote:

By the way, here is what Wikipedia says about DR.

"Dynamic range, abbreviated DR or DNR,[1] is the ratio between the largest and smallest possible values of a changeable quantity, such as in signals like sound and light. It is measured as a ratio, or as a base-10 (decibel) or base-2 (doublings, bits or stops) logarithmic value."

So, have I decibelled the cat?


PS, in my previous posting I miswrote, read 511 and 1023 max.
Ouch, my name is mistyped - my name is Edmund Ronald

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Ouch, my name is mistyped - my name is Edmund Ronald

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