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Re: Difference in ISO/Exposure?

Louis_Dobson wrote:

It was a very useful review. It was when I realised a camera reviewer's opinion was totally worthless unless he shot the same things in the same way I do (which is pretty unlikely). I should have known that anyway, having written plenty of computer reviews back in the day, and spending much of my time these days evaluating kit for clients, where 95% of the job is establishing their needs and 5% tops is the actual evaluation.

That poor old E330 got a totally damning review that undoubtedly hugely damaged its sales, and most people who got one anyway (including me) found it utterly brilliant. By the standards of the time, the best camera I have ever used, bar none.

That happens a lot, I think, and quite often reviewers can actually slant the market. Pixel density is a good example. When I realised that DPR's stance on pixel density was just plain wrong (I started off believing them) I began posting against it, they began banning me. I began posting against their censorship and double standards and they banned me permanently. The next part of the plot has been recounted (sort of) by our inebriated friend in his attack on me above. I should say, the censorship angle is a lot less extreme since Phil Askey ceased to be in charge, as is the anti-pixel-density campaign. Nonetheless, you can still see the echos of all this misinformation, with people still believing that bigger pixels gives better 'IQ' (lucky for Four Thirds that it's not true) - it's raging all over the Nikon and Canon forums right now.

In any case, the point about it is that very few of these reviewers (anywhere) is in anyway remotely qualified to review. They are rarely distinguished photographers, nor are they technically knowledgeable enough to plan a proper review. What they usually are is wannabes and journalists. A seasoned photographer with wide experience would understand the merits of a camera from a variety of use patterns, but reviewers are rarely that. What they do is review a lot of cameras, rarely using them in critical photographic situations, and pursue their own preferences as though they should be everyone's. That's one reason why I prefer test sites that give you the data and tell you how that data is derived, then at least you can reach your own judgement.

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