What happens to Nikon when larger sensors become standard?

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Re: What happens to Nikon when larger sensors become standard?

They don't need to change the mount if the sensors keep getting better, which I'm sure they will.

As to larger, what I would like to see them try is a square sensor, maybe 38mm square, that could also be covered by their current lenses. Add the option to make it go from horizontal to portrait mode at the flip of a switch so I can ditch the L-plates and pivoting the ball head or tripod head over over to align for portrait from landscape mode. Sort of a mini-Hassleblad. They might be able to get away with a 40mm sq. with some fancy internal vignetting control firmware too. Better and larger optical viewfinder (or very large OLED) with the ability to zero in 100% on the focus sensor square to optimize focus checking on the selected target.

Wireless Radio Frequency i-TTL and or TTL-BL flash too. Hate the light-controlled CLS system outside as it often fails for me in sunlight, or worse when they go into non-stop firing hence needed aftermarket Radio Poppers, etc.


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