Who else wishes the 1D X and 5D III have iPad control/view?

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Re: Who else wishes the 1D X and 5D III have iPad control/view?

Dave Seeley wrote:

Ben_Egbert wrote:

Dave Seeley wrote:

Ben_Egbert wrote:

I have been looking for one for my 1DS-mk3 but it does not have HDMI, only video out with a USB plug.

You can use your sd slot in the 1Ds-mk3 (or any cam with sd slot) to host an eyefi card, where you write jpeg only, and transmit to iPad using Shuttersnitch. It can give you a great pinch-zoomable preview in a few seconds-- Adhoc direct to iPad is not quite as fast as over a LAN. Unfortunately, CF adapters for SD muck up the use of eyefi in 5DmkII... I use the wft-E4 to transmit full screen zoomable previews to iPad2... and it's awesome... Hard to go without now.

So I assume you set the SD slot to JPG and use that as the live view connection via the adaptor and then write the RAWs to the CD card?

One other thing I would need is an ap to control the camera from the Ipad. I have never used one of these and in fact have only had a cell phone for the last year.

A work around might be just using it to see focus and doing the controls from the camera would be ok too.

I am getting better using love view focus. One thing that helped is not using filters.

I'm not using live view at all, but perhaps you mean to get the iPad preview - in which case, yes, I only transmit the small, high quality jpeg to the iPad for preview. All raws are written to CF card only. Sending raw to iPad bogs the system, and would fill up your iPad memory too quickly. For people with SD slots and eyefi cards, it's the same bog if you send raw to iPad - so you can set the eyefi to send only the jpg to iPad, but write the raw file to the 8gb eyefi card - I believe that John Cooper is doing this. If you have dual slots CF/sd you can set eyefi to jpeg only, and write raw to CF, which is what I would do in order to avoid swapping eyefi cards when they are full. In all of the above, you need to set your cam to raw + jpg in quality settings.

If you want to control your camera with an app, you can use the $50 OnOne DSLR Remote app. I used it ages ago to control the 5Dmkii with my iPhone, but it required a laptop usb-tethered to your camera on tripod... a different purpose than what I wanted, which is an instant zoomable iPad size image preview to check exposure and focus. Photographers that shoot portraits have reported great success with this, in that they can go interact with their subjects, and view and operate the cam via their iPhones.

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I just want a focus aid that I can use in odd positions like when the camera is at ground level and I am standing for example. I have tried this with my laptop but it is too clunky using the video out on the 1DS-mk3. I presume the later cameras ith HTML are more responsive.

My lenses are mostly manual so I can't control then from the device anyway. But I would like to see a clean crisp image that has good feedback. My laptop response is so slow and has such flicker that it is no better than live view.

I never did figure out how to send jpg to one card and raw to the other. In the end I decided that syncing them was too had anyway so I dropped it. But if it provided a way to get live view focus where I need it I would learn.

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