To people upset over no more OVF

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Re: That's it in a nutshell.

Kriekira wrote:

mike_2008 wrote:

Kriekira wrote:

I have a year's salary worth of alpha lenses.

I want an up-to-date FF alpha body.

I ain't gonna get one. Ever.

That's right. How does crying on the forum change that? Do you think your whingeing will change sony strategy?

Mike - I have neither cried nor whinged. I have made no effort to change Sony's strategy (about which I know no more than you). Please remember to keep your comments confined to things that are demonstrably true. It's a big world out there, with a lot of people. One way of showing them respect is to not fill their heads with your own thoughts.

Good luck with Mike on that. He often tell people what they think and he is also wrong all time with his assumptions.

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