Wedding photography lens for D700

Started Mar 9, 2012 | Discussions thread
Kartika Sari Regular Member • Posts: 476
Re: Wedding photography lens for D700

d700+ 24-70 for me 95% of the time during wedding.

i tried 80-200 but sold it because i dont use it that much, and can't justify the weight.

if i have the budget one day, 85 1.4 AFS will be sweet, but right now, maybe 85 1.8 afs sounds good.

if you are just starting, just use 1 lens until you know what you are shooting and what your style is.

get a cheap 2nd hand body only for back up/emergency. get 50 1.8 for backup lens.

for me, getting 2 or more speedlights and pocketwizards, is better than getting 70-200afs.

please look at my facebook page, there are lots of wedding pictures mostly with d700+24-70+SB+PW

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