Want to 'downgrade" from D700 to D5100

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Re: Want to 'downgrade" from D700 to D5100

So now thinking of exchanging my D700 body for a D5100 and 18-200 lens. I also have a problem with my eyes and will use the monitor more and also have mobility problems so the angle monitor would be better. It is also these factor that are making me think about changing - I want to enjoy photography more for myself but at a level I can manage. Options for kit are as follows and would appreciate any advice/comments from people who have used such combos:

I think the D5100 would be a great choice for you. I also have mobility problems and can no longer kneel down or squat so the angled finder is a huge help. I also have a D3 but the weight of it has become a serious problem so, like you it is reserved for what I would call set piece photography, tripod, interiors etc. To go out with the D5100 is king and I get extra benefit by using a Cotton Carrier on the chest. With that you can barely detect the weight of the D5100.

I got it with the kit lens because it was a WEX clearance offer but only use it for video. Although it adds a bit to the weight I walk around with my 17-55 which is a lot sharper.
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