Nex-7 Autobracketing is Useless

Started Mar 11, 2012 | Discussions thread
gatorengineer64 Forum Member • Posts: 87
Re: Nex-7 Autobracketing is Useless

Couldnt agree with you more. I just hope that 5 shot auto bracketing isnt an impossible due to the large file size required, and speed of writes....

I use the auto HDR alot and finding having to make two switches to Auto HDR and change the file type from Raw to fine to be awkward, when the camera is put into auto HDR it should go to JPG, and when taken out should revert to previous quality setting.

IMHO 0.7 EV leaves alot to be desired for auto bracketing for HDR...

Sony if by chance you are listening, please fix this ASAP. 3, 5, and 7 shot bracketing at adjustable bracket spacing....

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