Are you good enough for 36MP?

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Paul P K
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Are you good enough for 36MP?

I see all those threads on the D800/800E with all the reasonings why the camera will not perform well / have bad high ISO / outperform lenses / demand better shooting techniques etc. all due to the 36 megapixels.

But I really start to wander how many have the skills to really push the camera to its limits and are really needing the high ISO, extreme IQ, side to side sharpness etc. and consequently can have such extremely high demands.

I mean, all those cats, dogs, babies, or fuzzy 'test' pictures shot with household lighting of beercans and playing cards don't really need 36 megapixels do they?

I come from the good old F2AS and FE days where shooting over 21 DIN already guaranteed getting grain, unsharpness etc (remember Tri-X in Rodinal?) and really top grade glass was beyond reasonable financial dreams ( dreaming of a 2.8/300 while having to shoot with the 4.5/80-200, or the 3.5/43-86mm) so no, I've learned getting the picture was easier then shooting while using 'the best shooting technique" and getting technical top IQ all the time. Tried using a Hasselblad (still have it in my closet collecting dust) but all have to say about that came is 'Ych!'

I do have a D800 on pre order (after having sold my never as such used back up D3), but I don't have my demands all whipped up. I'm simply hoping, and judging from several reports almost am certain, it will match the AF and high ISO of the D3 (no not the D3s or D4 or 1Dx or 5DIII).

I a.o. shoot catwalk with 2/200VR and 200-400VR) and surf (with 4/600AF and 200-400VR with 1.4TC) so need high ISO, although 6400 is basically high enough, and fast AF. And getting more megapixels in the DX crop mode is a nice extra when shooting surf (where I rarely shoot faster then 6/7 fps, even though I have the extended buffer on my D3).

At the same time the smaller body makes it nice to use it as a full frame tagalong camera when I go out to play with my old manual glass ( in which case the sensor cleaner is a comforting thing to have when swapping lenses all the time), from what I gather about the size of the D70S I'm using for that purpose right now

So the presumably higher IQ of 36 megapixels is nice when shooting fashion/portraits under controlled circumstances like eg in the studio, or formals when shooting the occasional wedding, while video is new (and hardly needed) for me. But at the same time I'm still only after getting the pictures and while excellent IQ is of course desired, it's simply not always feasible so not my absolute first priority

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