Ricoh GRD IV - DNG-Geosetter-ExifTool-Aftershot-Problem

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Re: Ricoh GRD IV - DNG-Geosetter-ExifTool-Aftershot-Problem

Hi Frank,

I gave your problem a try and of course, both you and Phil are right. The GRDIV DNG has incorrectly written [b]Preview Image Length[ b] tag. I sent this discussion to my contact in Ricoh with a detailed explanation what's wrong. Hope they will fix it soon.

In a meantime, I have a workaround for you (actually, two workarounds) There is unfortunately no way to overwrite this particular tag, because it's protected tag and as such cannot be modified. However, it's possible to replace entire DNG preview image, which will fix also the Preview Image Length tag! The only problem is that it requires original JPEG files taken together with DNG.

WARNING! I'm not responsible for any harm or damage caused by following these instructions

Here is how to replace the Preview Image in a single DNG file:

exiftool -tagsfromfile "path/to/source.jpg" -PreviewImage "path/to/destination.dng"

And here is a recursive command that will replace Preview Image (with Preview Image from JPEG) in all DNG files in pointed folder:

exiftool -tagsfromfile %d%f.JPG -PreviewImage -r -ext DNG "path/to/dng/directory"

If you no longer have the JPEG counterparts or if you simply don't care about the Preview Image at all, you can completely remove it from the DNG. This will also fix the Preview Image Length tag (set it to 0). So it should not cause problems anymore.

Here is how to remove the Preview Image tag from single file:
exiftool -previewimage= "path/to/file.dng"

And here is a recursive command that will remove Preview Image from all DNG files in pointed folder:
exiftool -PreviewImage= -r -ext DNG "path/to/dng/directory"

Hope this helps?

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