"Mirrorless" is the future???

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Marty4650 wrote:

But simply because this type of camera isn't for you, doesn't mean it isn't for everyone.

There is a market for everything, but let's not fool ourselves the OM-D is going to do major damage to the top 2 makers.

The innovation you ask about is in size, weight, portability while providing excellent image quality. Something much more convenient for backpackers, hikers, vacationers, young families, students, and ordinary people. These mirrorless cameras may not be the best tools for professional photographers, although the Olympus OM-D, Sony NEX7, and Panasonic GH2 come awfully close.

None of the mirror less concepts offer lenses that are genuinely small (bar pancakes) because the bigger sensors don't have off set micro lenses, thus compare FF rangefinder lenses to ILC offerings and they're not even close to that small

If "ultimate image quality" is all that mattered, then everyone might own a Nikon D4, and no other camera could be sold. But the reality is that the market isn't driven by the ultimate best. It is driven by what works well enough and represents a good value. In other words... the Honda Accord and not the Bentley.

It's not about ultimate IQ but about the limitations of the 4/3 format and EVF's

For an alarmingly large percentage of the public a camera phone is all they need. The results thrill them. Most camera owners today are using something less capable than a humble Olympus Pen mini.

But we don't care as we're not mainstream we are enthusiasts

There will be a market for these mirrorless cameras whether you or I like them or not. Because we don't represent the entire universe.

Choice is good I just can't see the OM-D being a mainstream replacement for Canikon users. This "DSLR" slayer thinking from some is ill conceived and ultimately never likely to happen.

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