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Re: No Need for Switching Brand

John Sheehy wrote:

rondhamalam wrote:

GiovanniB wrote:

In landscape photography, clean shadows with the ability to lift them up in post to reveal details (as opposed to banding/noise) makes up for much of the difference between a good and a less useful camera. In that sense, the K-5, D7000 etc. are a lot better than any of the 5D (though with the original 12.8 MP still being better than the Mk. II and, as it seems, the Mk. III).

IMHO the 1Ds3 and 1D3 have much less banding.
Some people might not agree but I have my opinion.

It's true that they have less obvious banding, but they are still far from pure random noise. Subliminal banding causes blotchy chroma noise. Let's say an RGRGRGRGRG... line of pixels is elevated. This elevates all the reds in the line. Any reds in the RGRGRGRGRG lines above and below this line that are elevated now form clusters with the elevated reds in the elevated line. This is especially true in any light color where WB raises the red channel much, which is most light sources except incandescent. In incandescent, blue assumes the role of the problem channel.

You are right.
The right term is: They has less obvious banding.

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