My Thoughts on why Orbs!

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Re: Wrong camera/sensor, wrong thoughts...

So, if you want to have sharpen and detailed pictures out of camera without any necessary post-processing, you would more recommend Nikon 5100 than Fuji X10 ?

What might be the main picture quality differences ? My first one was a Fuji 2600 Zoom ( with 2 MPixel ) and I was very happy with it. Therefore I thought to buy one of Fuji once again several years later.
It looks nice, it is small in comparison and has a bright lense.
However, I have also heard good things about Nikon 5100.

But in case of no post-processing is wanted to be done, wouldn't the Fuji X10 be the better choice ? I don't need any special lenses to be exchanged. I just want to have sharp and detailed picture quality ( don't care about white orbs ) and good face-recognition for self-timer. Probably both will fullfill this purpose in a good way.

Also I don't have special lenses for my Nikon D40 yet. Just Kit-Standard. So, buying Nikon 5100 and special brighter lense will exceed the price of Fuji X10.

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