Is Adding PC Ram Worthwhile???

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Re: What brand/model is it.... video card....

Jim Cockfield wrote:

I meant 6450 versus 5450 (as I see you said 6450). But, it's about the same speed as the HD 5450, which is not a very fast card for use with something like the OpenCL features you get in DxO Optics Pro to speed up processing.

That's not correct the performance of the 6450 is quite a bit better than the older card.

There was a recent thread about that feature not long ago, and it looked like a GT 440 using GDDR5 I have took advantage of the OpenCL features in DxO Optics Pro.with a Core 2 Quad (2.4Ghz Q6600.).

DxO doesn't run great on even a beefy pc that's because it's not coded at an optimal level. Never has been good I will add that too.

So, you'd really want something as fast or faster than my GT 440 with 1GB of GDDR5 (which is more than twice as fast as the HD 6450 in your machine), before you're likely to see any gains by using a faster card, and you'd need a good PSU to support anything much faster than the card I have (which is bus powered).

It won't make a lot of difference being blunt

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