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Re: Wrong camera/sensor, wrong thoughts...

And with missing High-Pass-Filter on X10 cameras, will this also give more sharpen and more detailed pictures than on cameras with High-Pass-Filters ?

Regarding Low-Pass-Filter ?
How is the strength of this on the X10 ?
Is it more weak ( as on Nikon D70 ) or is it more strong ( as on Canon 20D ) ?

Which is the cheapest camera without having a Low-Pass-Filter ( or with a very very weak Low-Pass-Filter ) and which is actual available in the shops ?

My best one on this and which I still have, seems to be Nikon D40, which have an average or more weaker Low-Pass-Filter / AA-Filter.

Thank you for feedback to this interesting topic.
Comparison of Filters in X10 to cameras of other brands.

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