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Re: 135 1.8G Patent

Mike Cialowicz wrote:

mogando668 wrote:

Sad that their ONE signature is gone. Now is just a generic 135 that everyone else have.

I can't predict how the re-sale value of the 135/2DC would go after it launches, but i'm definitely praying for the same outcome as the 28/1.4D.

The DC feature was not that useful...

In exchange, you gain 1/3 of a stop (f/1.8 vs. f/2) and VR. I'm sure it'll be nano-coated, too. It's going to be a brilliant lens.

The only other manufacturer with a 135/1.8 is Sony with the CZ Sonnar T... which is brilliant. I'm sure the Nikon will be right up there with it.

DC is not useful only to those who have never used it. You can fine tune between DOF and bokeh that no other lens could. That 1/3rd stop gain is immaterial, both in terms of bokeh or shutter speed. How many lenses do you know that allow f/4 DOF and f/2 blur at the same time ?

Esp since Canon is only charging $1100 for their 135/2, Nikon would be commanding an unwarranted premium for their new 135/1.8G if they attempt to charge $1800 or more.

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