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Aw man, it can't be that bad can it? Maybe Nokia 808's camera is a sign of things to come. Put lots of pixels and downsampling on a small chip and get superzooms with high quality....

Tim39 wrote:

People as diverse as the Japanese, Africans, and French share a belief at least one profound belief, expressed simply as: "Hope is the last thing to die."

In that vein, I too hope the HS30 will be the shining exception to the gloomy record you've set forth.

Your history argues Fuji is on a roll, and what logic suggests it's going to break with recent practice on the HS30? None, answers cold, hard logic.

To which, the hopeful diehard can only respond: Well, there's always the law of averages.

To brighter days, g!

painterdude wrote:

and hoping that I am dead wrong and the HS30 will eventually prove me so .....BUT..I am beginning to have a feeling ..that ..Fuji cannot produce cameras that truly best in significant ways (ie IQ) their older makes..at least the ones I am interested in. (Dooh)

Its looking like the S100fs is the best they have made ..and ya even my old beat up S200EXR ..is looking like a pretty fine offering..shoulders above most everything else since..

Its all kindah sad. What is worse is the fact that I do not see much better coming out of other companies. Like who in their right mind thought they could take the Nikon P500 and give it MORE zoom ..so its now the P510 with 42X optical zoom..on the same sensor!!!!!???!!! I rejected that camera out of hand when I first saw and tested it re lousey IQ. I can't imagine how bad it is now.

Is it safe to say that companies marketing to the bridge,super zoomer and p&s crowd , are now running on pure marketing lies to sell them . Bolstering their new cameras as better when where it counts IQ ...they are not?


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