How Does Lightroom Best Aperture ???.. AP User Trying Lightroom Here

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Re: How Does Lightroom Best Aperture ???.. AP User Trying Lightroom Here

Thanks for the feedback Doug, sometimes I don't put enough info and it's easy to misunderstand me. I'm using an A77 with 16-50 2.8 kit lens which happens to be really solid, altho it's not a prime or one of the Zeiss lenses that are available for the Alpha bodies. I find the in camera JPEGs have less detail and more noise than the RAW files that I convert to JPEG myself using Lightroom or DxO. So if I just want JPEGs, then i'm better off shooting in RAW and then converting myself in DxO. In general, I will have a better batch of JPEG based pics. Originally I tried to do this in just Aperture and I have tried PTLens for distortion adjustments. besides that it doesn't have profiles for my lens/camera combo, I find DxO to do a better job. DxO creates much better JPEGs than my camera can. But it does not have the organizational skills of Aperture. So they somewhat compliments each other for my needs. Don't get me wrong, I hope Aperture has build in lens adjustments in version 4, which could come out anytime. If that happens, and they have wide support like DxO (5000 lens/body combos) then I can just use Aperture and setup presets like your saying, which is a great suggestion. I do hope Aperture adds camera/lens profiles, maybe Apple should buy DxO! I could always export DNGs or Tiffs from DxO to Aperture if I want a better file for adjustments, but after DxO does it's thing, I really don't need to adjust that much. And in the end, if I really want to play with a RAW file, then i'm going to have to play with it as much as I can in DxO until Aperture gets lens/camera adjustments

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