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Re: Same as it ever was....

Then buy the Sony and post in a Sony forum. Please.

John Sheehy wrote:

Karl Burke wrote:

To wit: a bad workman blames his tools.

Karl, no one is claiming that excellent pictures can't be taken with the cameras.

Some people just have a vision of doing things in new and different ways, and Canon's DSLRs are turning out to be amongst the worst for doing so, and unlike the latest super-zoom cameras, we have huge investments in Canon lenses and peripherals, and are in a bit of a trap.

Anyone who truly understands how digital cameras work know that there is really no reason to have ISO settings, per se, for their photography. On a well-designed camera, all manual exposure shots could be taken from one ISO which covers the full DR of the sensor. Shutter speed could float to faster values when light was overwhelming, as an option. We could concentrate on what really matters; the frame, and the moment. Canon's poor low-ISO shadows make this mode impractical, and make it impossible to shoot many scenes which could otherwise be shot in a single exposure. Taking care of ISO settings is not an ultimate photography skill; it is only a necessity created by primitive technology.

Shoot in the street, at sunny f/16 in manual. The dark side of the street is crap with a Canon, very usable with a Sony Exmor sensor. Walk into an alley, still at f/16 and base ISO, but under-exposed 4 stops, and you get garbage from the Canons, with far more noise than they would have had if you shot at ISO 25K, while the Sony Exmor delivers a normal ISO 1600 exposure. You can't deny the greater flexibility of a camera with much more DR. Sure, you could have lowered the shutter speed when you went into the alley, but you didn't have to.

Now, with a camera like the D800, under-exposing ISO 100 by 4 stops is nothing . You could walk around all day, in and out of the shadows, and get great shots, with the worst equivalent to ISO 1600 on a FF camera. Concentrate on the shots, not things on the camera that you have no real reason to deal with.

Of course, when you have the time, you can optimize exposure to the scene, if you choose to do so. A shutter button that was actually a wheel with EC affecting shutter speed could be used so that you fall back to your default as soon as you release the shutter button completely, or when the camera sleeps and wakes again; your choice.

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