Challenge winner with multiple accounts!

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Werli Francois
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Challenge winner with multiple accounts!

Namaste DPreview Members

Yesterday we had the result for the challenge, The "eyes" have it.

The winner image has 31 ratings including 13 with 5,0 points.

Image #5 has received 29 ratings including 5 ratings with 0,5 points which is as many lowest ratings as the last image of the challenge #60.

Been the photographer of image #5, I thought that this is NOT ONLY the work of Facebook friends who may give 5,0 ratings but not multiple 0,5 ratings.

After looking into the comments of the winning images of DPreview member Joao Sobral, I realized that two comments came from accounts opened during the same period as Joao Sobral's first entry into challenges and also that those two accounts were only used to give ratings and two very positive comments to Joao Sobral images.

Then I also realized that the words used for those comments were the same, even they were given by two different names at two different challenges; Love it, just perfect

The two accounts are Matilde and Sofia Mendes.

There are probably many more fake accounts under Joao Sobral's hand, but if they don't comment then there is no way to find out, except maybe for DPreview?!

It looks like Joao Sobral has fund the ultimate winning technique: fake accounts, probably about 5 to 10 (or more!), which he will use to upgrade his image and to downgrade the images he sees as a danger to his success!

Is it worth having your best images been downgraded to see random images winning DPreview contest?

I guess I will have to meditate on that!

May all Beings be happy

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