"Mirrorless" is the future???

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How can it be "like" something that never happened?

Norman Day Morpho Hunter wrote:

.......it's like when the Kodak board was shown the first prototype digital camera ....and laughed it out of the boardroom.

Norman, how can it be "like" something that never happened?

The Kodak board funded development and authorized ...

  • A sensor operation that produced over 500 different sensors for everything from cell phones to space telescopes, including the sensors in three Oly DSLR models.

  • A DSLR product line that ran 19 different models (not including another 7 IR and monochrome variations)

  • A medium format digital back operation that produced 11 different models.

  • A P&S product operation that was once the single largest P&S maker in both dollars and units.

Well, similarly Canon have ('til now) dismissed mirrorless cameras

You just demonstrated, categorically, that you have no idea what Kodak's board actually did, and now you're stating what Canon is doing?

How do you know that Canon has "dismissed" anything? How can you be sure that they don't have 4 bodies and 12 lenses ready to launch in time for the Christmas rush? (That's a rhetorical question, incidentally).

...then along comes the Olympus EM-5 (with it's stunning improvement in high iso image quality compared to its predecessors) and the Sony Nex-7 with its fantastic resolution. The big question is, would anyone (including Canon dslr owners) really buy into a Canon mirrorless system given what is already available

Well, including Canon DSLR owners means including 10 million people who own some Canon lenses, or people who simply trust the name, so, yeah. There's also 10s of millions of Canon P&S owners who also trust the name, and are good candidates.

The bigger question is, after Canon enters the arena, how many temporary defectors to Oly are going to come flocking back? And how many new buyers, not committed to any system, are going to give Oly the time of day when a brand with 20x the availability is available.

How many camera store or electronic store sales associates will even bother to mention that Olywhatsis stuff when there's a Canon they can sell?

.....and also given that it's great rival's (Nikon's) attempt at breaching this market has been less than adequate.

And yet, it managed to take the number one mirrorless spot in sales.

I'm not so sure.


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