Question for D7000 owners with D700 experience

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Re: Question for D7000 owners with D700 experience

Nikonworks wrote:

Santelia wrote:

I am reading in the D800 etc forum that the D700 is going to be very affordable once D800's start to ship. The question I have and if you have experience with both is the following.

Will it be worth it to invest in this camera (FX) or use the funds to acquire other lenses and expand my D7000 kit? Will it really provide that much of a difference in terms of IQ etc.?
As always, thank you for your feedback.

My D700 sits on the shelf as I am now only using my D7000, with the kit 18-105,
for journalism and people pics.

When I put my FX & DX 2.8 glass on my D7000 it performs as well as the D700.

Not as well as putting the same FX 2.8 glass on a D700.

And in low light it performs better than the D700.

Sorry, but the D7000 does not perform better than the D700 in low light, LOL! The D7000, the body I had, the focus was not as reliable as my D700. Numerous others have complained with focus issues on these message boards.

I would sit and wait fr the D7100 (hopefully with a larger buffer).

Regardless of what others say the D700 is old technology.

But it's still better tech than the D7000 for sports, low light, etc.

Extemely good. But old.

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