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Re: G1X vs. G10

AdamT wrote:

the 1:1.7" sensor will never get even close no matter how much noise reduction trickery they add , the S100 may look only a few stops comparing its smeary NR'd JPGs but you can't beat physics ..

At the pixel level? Sure. But you'll only really see this zoomed in at 100%. Or if said picture gets blown up and people look at it too closely on a wall. Real world, I'm not sure how big a deal this is excepting the more discriminating photographers out there. To them, it's a big deal.

Also there's a massive Native DR difference penalty which comes with tiny pixels and that affects ALL ISOs , G1X and APS-C images just look far more photographic and less "CGI" as a consequence, things like Multi shot HDR, Fuji's EXR and canon's iContrast DR tricks just make images look even more faked.

Agreed, and this is what anybody who takes a picture would notice. By far the most important point you bring up for 95% of shooters out there. Although I have used icontrast on the G11 and EXR mode on the F70 (and given the alternative of blown highlights and/or unusable shadow area, I feel they are both an improvement and do use them), I can't disagree with this point. In fact, this is the only reason (IMHO) for people who aren't serious about photography to get a large sensor camera.

Then there's DOF - a 28mm FOV F2 shot at normal range from an S series covers everything in the scene tack sharp, add the weak DR with clipping and you're looking at typical P&S images some of which can look like Video stills if clipped really badly (and the S100 doesn't clip smoothly) . also the IS in the G1X is infinately better than the S90/100..

DOF isn't a concern to anybody who doesn't know what the initials stand for, and can, in fact, be a rather huge negative to people who don't understand what it is all about. I know you've seen more people complain about their cameras and/or lenses being busted due to their pictures being "OOF". When in reality they were merely shooting at close range and wide aperture. Novices should have small sensors - far more room for error for them.

Can't speak to the IS, as I haven't used the G1X.

All This isn't "G1X Purchase defense", I'm arguing the corner of all APS-C cameras here inclusing stuff like the Leica X1, Fuji X100, Sigma SP series and not just the likes of the G1X, NEX, NX, K01 etc - I love my S90, it's a great Ixus-750 replacement (the G6 based one) which is stunning in RAW but that's all it is and the S100 is worse in some areas and better in ohers

Every photographer should pick the tool which best suits them. I still think the G1X is an advanced user camera, and unless somebody is serious about photography, they should look at the faster lens prosumer cameras - which are far more forgiving.

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