Preparing digital and scanned photos for banquet presentation

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Re: Preparing digital and scanned photos for banquet presentation

Hi govtdog,

here are a few answers to you quetsions :

  • Is there a single size(like 1280x720 pixels) which I should blowup/shrink the originals in order to have all photos the same size?

Since the trhee photos you posted as example are taller than wide or about square, you should redemension them by setting the height at 720 and let photoshop (or any other software you're using) determine the widht of the image.

If so, is there a way to blowup the originals without reducing the DPI of the photo?

DPI is irrelevant if you are not printing your image. But by blowing up an image you will lose some quality (if that's what you are concernent about). There is no way to avoid this, because the software adds pixels to your image.

  • Is JPEG okay to use for this function?


  • what other advice can you give this proud dad to help him make his daughters team banquet presentation look great?

If you scan an image, try to save it to a greater quality (not more dpi, but better quality). You will have smoother gradient in uniform area (see the background of the image below, where you can see a lot of little squares cause by jpeg compression.

For the scanned images, after resizing them, I would apply some sharpening. About 100% (amout) with a radius of 0.3 to 0.6 depending on the details on the image. For example, for the girl on the swan, I would use a radius of 0,3 and the picture with the hat, I woud use a radius of 0.6.

You can see below an example. Here's what I did to the image :
1) crop the image to remove the white border.

2) Shadow Highlight to bring details in the shadow (shadow amout : 62%, Tone width : 50%, radus : 40)

3) levels : bring the black triangle to a value of 8, to bring back a little contrast
4) resize the image buy specifing a height of 720
5) unsharp mask : amount : 100%, radius : 0.6, treshold : 0

I hope this helps!

Have a good day!

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