White balance for sunset pictures

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Re: Wasn't expecting a setting, more suggestions on getting it reasonable

I wish there was. really wish there was.

one thing i can think of if you could tether the camera to a portable pad that was icc calibrated and then adjust wb in the field to match what you see really quickly and then use that setting, but i don't know of anything that allows that to be done

maybe you could try to set the WB close going by camera LCD then trasnfer image to a color calibrated viewer and then adjust, and back and forth a few times, but then you risk missing too many good shots perhaps

jayrandomer wrote:

It looks like I wasn't doing anything that wrong, but I'm just wondering if there were general guides on how to get the white balance correct in LR. It looks like there might not be, so I don't feel quite as stupid as I did.

When you suggest an ND filter is that an ordinary ND filter or a graduated one? I could see the latter would work but if it's the former could you explain how that helps? Thanks.

TimR32225 wrote:

As has already been stated, the color temperature changes constantly during sunset, so I don't believe there is one magic setting that is going to be right for every shot in a sequence. I would recommend using a ND filter though. It will save you a lot of grief.
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