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Re: Can someone post teh link to the RAW file that generated this?

David Hull wrote:

OK, pumping this thing up the same way you did, the deterministic noise is definitely there but it seems to be "determined" in a different way than the 5DII. As some have said, it appears that the horizontal stuff is no longer there.

I would love to see this same scene shot with a 5DII but in looking at my 5DII “backside lens cap” shots which show the crosshatch pattern when pumped, it seems to me that this is an improvement. Once someone physically gets their hands on one of these things, I would like to see a series of dark frames at each ISO from 50 to 102500 (or whatever stratospheric ISO it goes to). That I could compare. In the meantime, this looks a lot cleaner to me.

I agree, the horizontal banding is gone and the vertical banding appears to have decreased in intensity although like you said we'll need an equal image from both to measure the relative differences.

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