It’s all because of D800.

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I agree wholeheartedly

There are DSLR bodies that appear occasionally that are game changers and any manufactirer that ignores them, does so at their own peril. The D800 is one of those (just like the 7D, 5D, Nikon D3X, etc. were in their day.)

Canon's 5D-III pricing seems to have been developed inside the Canon bubble. It's an appropriate and consistent price if you ignore everything but the Canon DSLRs. But when you look at other manufacturer's current and upcoming offerings, the "bang for the buck" just isn't competitive.

But as others have said, once the initial sales to those who need or really, really want the 5D III at any cost is done, the price is bound to drop significantlly. Lack of demand will do that every time.

I see the 5D-III as a really attractive $2700 upgrade option for those of us with a lot of Canon gear already. But if I was starting from scratch, I think I'd stil give the nod to the 800D at $2700 vs. $3000.

It's not as if Canon hasn't rained on Nikon's parade many times in years past with an announcement that made the Nikon offering anounced at the same time seem mis-priced... the shoe just happens to be on the other foot now.... sucks

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