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Re: your opinions count!

Ok... now in all seriousness...

Your first page has to grab people and make them want to learn more. IMO (which is only based on my personal prejudices), I think there needs to be at least one photo on the main page. If you have a picture that won in a competition, or is most likely to have been viewed by someone, then it should be there as it will ring a memory bell. What, if anything, on the first page would cause a visitor to want to see more?

Your portfolio page stylistically looks great. But the crop of the pictures feels awkward. To me, they feel claustrophobic. I would rather see smaller tiles of the entire picture as it would immediately let me see your composition. As the web page is visual, every picture that you see should showcase your work instead of showing a diminished image that they have to click on to see the real deal.

Finally, what I've always liked about your work is the wonderful use of color and juxtaposition of the subjects to the environment. A blank white background doesn't showcase your greatest strength.

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