best compact travel camera?

Started Mar 7, 2012 | Discussions thread
thielges Regular Member • Posts: 492

Meanwhile for all the turf wars about which camera is the very best there is simply no substitute for a high level dslr and eally good glass.

I disagree, a Leaf with a few lenses can do even better.
no wait, how about a large format with bellows?
but hey, a Gigapixl can't be topped....

I agree that the choice is personal but one of the pressures that travel puts on a camera choice is portability. High level DSLRs+premium glass gets bulky and heavy quick. I'll never haul that gear around unless the trip is primarily for photography. And even if the focus is photography I find that I can reach certain vantage points faster and easier with smaller gear.


back to the H35W:

pro: it easily fits in your shorts pocket

con: it easily pops out of your pocket while bicycling, bouncing onto the pavement from four feet high and skittering down the highway at 15 miles per hour

pro: it still works with no IQ degradation. The case is a little dinged but no functional problems at all.

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