Prints darker than reality / what my eyes are seeing?

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Please ...

ZoranC wrote:

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ZoranC wrote:

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So the print is off by one stop, or the camera is off by one stop, or some combination of the two. So what does the image look like on a calibrated monitor?

Have you tried printing a standard test image through the printer without manipulation? If a test image prints ok, then it is the exposure:

... or something else is wrong because test shots I have been provided with print almost exactly as displayed while various shots taken over the years from my cameras are all coming out much darker than displayed. Only difference I can see is that test shot I have been provided with does not have color profiles in them while my own ones do.

Strange, the one I linked to was ProPhoto RGB the last time I used it. But there are plenty of others with embedded space tags at:

Thanks, Brian, I will try them all as soon as I can.

I haven’t read much of this thread because I would like to stay out of the fray. Have you tried a standard test print yet? And if so, how did it compare to the with your too-dark print?

I would love to see a resolution to your problem. Is it the exposure, the printer, the profile or another setting? Even though I'm sure the percantage is very low, I'm sure there are some faulty 3880s being shipped.

Brian A

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