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Agree, and then some

I know that, among the technophiles who examine sensor results with great enthusiasm, many of the people who are discussing issues such as 5DIII banding mean well; I would never accuse most of them (but not all) of trolling or even being irrelevant. But, I think that maybe the heart of what you are saying is that most of their focus on this issue is wildly disproportionate to its significance in actual picture taking, even in difficult lighting situations.

That some other brand may hold a small advantage in its "breaking point," the level at which destructive image manipulation creates visually displeasing characteristics in a particular file, is an interesting subject worthy of some lively discussion, as in discussions over whether a Mustang or Camaro has the greater cornering grip at speeds over 80mph, allowing it to maintain its intended path before lateral G forces cause its tires to start losing the ability to hold the car in line. Thus, what I imagine are many fun but unimportant threads in "pony car" magazines born.

However, what of the everyday driver, or even the expert racing driver. The first doesn't care about ultimate grip because he will never approach it in his drive to work, unless he does something stupid or finds himself in a situation for which he is not prepared - an accident. Cars can never be designed to be able to avoid all accidents, regardless of the skill or foresight of their drivers. The second will know precisely when slip is going to occur and drives right up to that limit without exceeding it. This is precisley what both the average enthusiastic amateur and knowledgable professional photographer will do with the 5DIII, as well as they already have done with the 5DII before it, and with the thousands of other tools available before those cameras existed. Only those who either purposely push their chosen device, for either travel or image making, beyond what they ought to know is excessive, or those who ignorantly don't even understand the reasonable limits of their own tools, will wind up crashing into a wall.

So, if you are either a skilled professional or advanced amateur who understands how to prepare and execute a photo shoot, or the average photo "duffer" who just loves to photograph your cat, you will be very unlikely to ever find the dreaded "banding issue" a problem, and, if you do, you're either not as good as you think, or have just had a rare spot of bad luck that will quickly pass like all other very rare occurencies always do, and, perhaps, learn a lesson from it for the future.

Yes, banding can exist, but no, its significance, given the levels of image manipulation and/or bad photography technique required to achieve it, is between very small and almost none.


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