Lightroom: handling RAW+JPG?

Started Mar 10, 2012 | Discussions thread
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fkjensen Forum Member • Posts: 53
Lightroom: handling RAW+JPG?

Hi guys,

I have searched and searched, and maybe what I am asking is not possible, but here goes anyway:

I have a lot of RAW+JPG pictures (shot as RAW+JPG or previously converted from RAW to JPG), when importing them to Lightroom, I can choose to treat them as the same picture or as separate pictures.

1. At first glance, they should of cause be treated as the same picture, and they do indeed appear as RAW+JPG in LR, but how do i:

  • View the JPG?

  • Add metadata (tags, title, caption, etc.) to the JPG file and not just the RAW file? (I have enabled "write metadata to file")

2. If treated as separate pictures, they behave as one would expect, but it is not that convenient to have two of the same pictures side-by-side.

  • Can I auto-stack RAWs and JPGs?

  • Can you write metadata (tags, title, caption, etc.) to the entire stack?


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