New Nikon FF Camera?

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Re: New Nikon FF Camera?

Jon Rty wrote:

The A900, 5DII and D700 all competed in the "prosumer upgrade segment". The majority of buyers of these cameras are enthusiasts, not pros.

That's the point I'm making, so I'm not sure why you think I'm disputing it.

If you only had 1 000$ to move up you were not buying a new FX camera of any kind. But neigh everyone upgrading from a D200, D2x, 40D or any previous model had FX lenses already, because good DX lenses are far and few between.

This may or may not be true. You're assuming the average SLR consumer buys that many lenses in the first place, and expensive ones that cost on the order of the entire body price at that.

Sure there are some who either were new to photography, or were upgrading from entry level DSLRs straight to FX, but there were a much large amount of existing enthusiast and prosumer body owners.

Yes, and the vast majority of are casual users for whom the price of the body is already substantial to their hobby budget. Some might have some old FX lens lying around from the film days.

You're very mistaken if you believe high-end glass is somehow limited to pro use. Just like most of the buyers of D300 and D700 class cameras are enthusiasts, so is most buyers of high-end glass. Only once you go in to super-telephotos does the proportion of pro buyers really start to grow.

I very highly doubt average photo joes who just get a fancy camera for their hobby are obsessing over items priced exponentially w/re: to light gather ability. Perhaps a couple not unlike the 18-55 + 55-200 sets that go with any other middle of the road camera, but there's also a reason why obscure lens categories are not available in dx.

AgentHEX wrote:

Yes, that's my point, to the extend that a low price FX camera CANNOT AT ALL be for pros. At that that point you NEED to be competing for the prosumer upgrade segment, where price and value (ie camera specs) are still the key factor.

Someone who only has a $1k body looking to move up isn't going to have much in the way of high end lenses. This can be a good thing because you make money from selling some lenses along with it. For the most part the logic among consumers (right or wrong) is: I want this camera, what lens do I need to get with it? Not the other way around. People who own a substantial collection of lenses are the minority.

The average prosumer with a D200 is likely the guy who has the kit lens from his D80/D70, a prime (perhaps dx), and maybe some sort of FX lens, too. If you look at how many fancy bodies get sold vs the number of pro photographers, it doesn't require a genius to figure out most are just being used sparingly as a sometime weekend hobby. That's the guy everyone in this segment needs to gun for. Sony tried it with the A850, a decent FX camera with a price right up the alley of well of amateurs (surely they were looking for more than old minolta diehards) who could care less about fancy strobes, 400+mm lens ,and professional services. And it failed.

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