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Re: Same as it ever was....

To wit: a bad workman blames his tools.

Totally agree.

With everything? Little anecdotes like his last line are deceptive, because they contain a certain truth; that a bad workman blames his tools when he doesn't know how to use them for what they are worth , but it is total BS that a good workman is always happy with his tools, and doesn't want, or can't benefit from, better tools.

This anecdote is usually quoted as a form of bravado, where people take pride in being able to say that they can do everything that needs to be done with the tools they have, fooling themselves into thinking that the people who want better tools can't use the old ones to their potential.

John, I think we can take it that a mature understanding of the aphorism includes the provisos that you mention, also as you say it's not a corollary to state that a good worker must always be happy with what he has when he has reached the limits of what those tools can do for him.

I just think that because everyone is effectively looking at the "negatives" with a microscope these days, which no-one did back in the day, that we're discovering problems that in the big scheme of things aren't serious ones, compared to what the photograph is all about. Yes, if the D800 or another camera has better DR control then, yes, it would be better to have that option rather than not. However, I'll bet that at the end of an inspirational day's photographing whatever it is you photograph, that whether there was 1 stop more or less DR in the DNG won't be the determination of a successful artistic work for you, but it'll be whatever beauty you've captured. I tip my hat to those with greater interest in technical comparative work, but there's a danger that for some it becomes an end in itself - like ceaselessly searching for the "ultimate" film/developer combination.. The rapid advance in the capabilities of digital cameras in the last 10 years is fascinating and to think you can take publishable shots at 25,600 ISO now is just incredible.

I've just returned from a Sebastiao Salgado exhibition here in Dublin and looking at his work makes me question my ideas and vision, not whether my cameras are wanting. Yep, let's keep (a bit of) one eye on the tech side - but not both. There are way too many hysterical posts (not including yours) which are generating heat but no light, and aren't advancing knowledge in any meaningful way.

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