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Re: Same as it ever was....

aftab wrote:

Karl Burke wrote:

So, this sensor has limitations when pushed to an bizarre and extreme degree. This is news ? I'm a professional and have never had the need to push fill light to 100. If you're pushing it over 30 IMHO your exposure and lighting is to blame, not the camera.

I know this is a gear-forum but seriously, this is Aspergers-like obsessional behaviour - not referring to anyone specifically but to the years of posts about this "issue" with the 5D Mark II, meanwhile photographers were out in the real world winning World Press Photo awards, Pulitzer prizes and so forth with these cameras. Film had limitations, digital has limitations: deal with it. These cameras have capabilities vastly beyond what was available before, and arguably vastly beyond the capabilities of most of their users to translate that into artistic vision.

They used to say that the mark of a Magnum photographer was that you could drop them anywhere in the world with a Leica, 50mm lens and 10 rolls of Tri-X and they would get you the story with that. They didn't bitch about the grain-structure of the film, they got on with the task at hand and created magic.

To wit: a bad workman blames his tools.

Totally agree.

With everything? Little anecdotes like his last line are deceptive, because they contain a certain truth; that a bad workman blames his tools when he doesn't know how to use them for what they are worth , but it is total BS that a good workman is always happy with his tools, and doesn't want, or can't benefit from, better tools.

This anecdote is usually quoted as a form of bravado, where people take pride in being able to say that they can do everything that needs to be done with the tools they have, fooling themselves into thinking that the people who want better tools can't use the old ones to their potential.

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