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Re: No Banding at Higher ISO's

A Owens wrote:

EOSHQ wrote:

Sadly... fill light 100

If you download the RAW files from IR, a small amount of banding is visible at low ISO's. But only when lifted by 4 stops which I really feel is an unlikely real world scenario.

However at higher ISO's I cannot generate any banding at all. Just grain. Not sure why this is so but for those actually interested in finding out the real situation for themselves, it is worth the excercise.

Simple. The banding only occurs after analog ISO gain, so in low ISOs images where the random noise is lower, the banding is visible. At high ISOs which have a lot more random noise, the banding noise is dwarfed and you don't see it under normal circumstances. Canon seems to have mostly eliminated the banding which occurs as part of the amplification process (which has only been horizontal, historically, while post-gain banding has been horizontal and/or vertical).

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