D800E vs D700 RAW High ISO files

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Re: Love it, Love it, Love it too!

Yes, you are correct.

There's a balance between luminance noise reduction and sharpening. At some point you start to sharpen up noise that much, that it starts to interfere with the objects you want to see as sharp as possible. You can fumble aroud with one of the subsliders but basically it's a trade out.

Point of critique: these pictures aren't true hi iso (check the shutter speeds). The color noise will be much worse with true low light. There is a set of D4 NEFS taken at a Nikon meeting with similar light situations, but this time with a dancer. Here to the max iso is 12800, although there is an underexposed iso12800 as wel. This one more or less resembles a true iso 25600 if corrected.

I've worked with both series, using ACR/CS5. And honoustly, the D4 is not worth the extra money unless you need to go into very high iso and you are desparate for fps. Period. Actually, the effect you described not having to shapren that much (which also occurs with the D800 true hi iso NEF pictures btw) helps you to retain the level of detail the D4 simply doesn't have in it.

There's another interesting thing about the D800 pictures. NR in prints small enough to keep some oversampling generally demands even less NR. The effect is a lot bigger on the D800 than on the d4 pictures.For instance, A4 print size the iso 12800 picture of the D4 still needs 30 % on the luminance NR. In the d800E iso 25600 picture LNR was taken back to 20% and the amount of detail coming back was amazing, just stunning.

Btw, you can simulate this effect on your screen (zoom in, do NR, zoom out and alter the NR until you think it's oké). Of course this is simply a resolution advantage of the D800. But is does work !

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