EXR DR and EXR SN, 6MP vs 12MP, wonderful X10

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Re: EXR DR and EXR SN, 6MP vs 12MP, wonderful X10

Argie wrote:

I specially enjoy reading Timur Born, with his wonderfully researched conclusions. I get quite confused with all the combinations. Do you (TB) recommend a particular setting or two that can be set in C1/C2 so that we - the memory challenged old timers - can go around just enjoying taking pictures?

Thanks for the thumbs up!

Unfortunately there is no single best setting at the moment, it really depends on your shooting style and objects. If you don't shoot specular highlights regularly and don't need the extra resolution of L sized images then the common recommendation of using size M + DR 400 should work in most situations. Try to combine this with "+MOTION" IS and AUTO ISO, but better stay away from AUTO DR (or first try if it leads to overexposure on your camera).

If you need to shoot a scene with specular highlights at ISO 400+ then stay away from DR 200/400 and only use DR 100 instead, else you get dark outlines around those highlights. With ISO 100-800 you can also try to set Shadow Tone to Soft or M-Soft to lift shadows/mids in order to keep exposure time and thus orbs down.

Since most of my posts are lost within the depth of the forum I put up a summary here: http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/readflat.asp?forum=1012&message=40863487&refresh=743

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