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richarddd wrote:

jalywol wrote:

Louis...I actually decided a few days ago to not buy the E-M5 because that pattern noise we were discussing in another thread was, to me, identical to the pattern noise that the G3 and GX1 sensors have, which I just do not like. This comparison seems to back up that suspicion with image comparisons.....

Examining images seems a much better way to judge image quality than looking at design specs ("If it has an on board ADC it will be a great camera, off board one and it is a woofer."). And it isn't as if the GH2 is substantially worse than the G3 at higher ISOs.

actually Panasonic in a recent interview (sorry I couldnt find it) intimated something similar. They suggested they had learned a lot from the GH2 sensor, but that it was very expensive to produce. It isn't a great leap of faith to see that off sensor ADC, which is more cost efficient, may indeed be on the cards as a part of their self described learning process.

I wonder if I should wait for a GH3. I can hardly wait to see if the GH3 speculation threads will rival the E-M5 threads

perhaps, but at least some of the thread mashing has been generated by Olympus's 'method' of marketing OMD.

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