Swan in the rain (K5 + bokeh monster)

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Re: Did you get any focusconfirmation from the lenadapter or OVF only

Hi Miles,
Thanks for your extensive answers, you nailed it!
To summarize;
With the K5 one has
1. Focus confirmation from the camera
2. You can change the focus screen for dedicated focusing with the OVF
3. Catch in focus is possible, a M42 to K5 adapter don't have contacts.
4. LV works the same as with my Canon.

The way of taking pictures is the same focusing with lens open and then closing the diafragma to your choice for the dof. I am using AV and let the camera choose the time. But ofcourse i will change the iso to get proper exposure times.
I will defenitely look at a K5 now with the substantial prise drop these days.
So my collection of old Takumars will meet Pentax again as in the old days.

Did you try some Russian Zeiss lenses? The build is not as of a Takumar but the glass is very good.
Thanks again.

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