iPhoto for ipad is also here

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Re: iPhoto for ipad is also here

bronxbombers wrote:

The embedded jpg in 5D2 is full size, not 1/2 height.

Maybe there is an in-camera setting that determines the size of the embedded JPEG. My own testing has shown 1/4 res embedded jpegs from my 350D, 20D, 40D, 5D and 5D2 raws. Always exactly 1/4 (0.5h x 0.5w). I used EXIF tools to confirm a few of them when I noticed I was getting small edited files from iPad (which uses the embedded JPEG).

Does the 19MP limit apply to what the iOS handles? Would you need to right a custom program and only deal with files it directly transfered into it's own file to get around that or it the 19MP just the iPhoto app itself?

Different apps support different sizes for different reasons.

piRAWnha for iPad will open full size raws and export full size JPEGs of the raw conversions. On iPad 1 it limits exports to 15MP max due to memory, but on iPad 2 the exports are full size.

Snapseed limits files to 16MP on iPad 2 (6.25MP on iPad).

But for example, using a 5D2 raw with Snapseed, uses the iOS RAW processing which supplies the embedded JPEG and for me yields a 1/4 resolution file (5MP). If your 5D2 raws have full size embedded JPEGs maybe you'll get a 21MP JPEG down-sampled to 16MP (Snapseeds limit).

I use piRAWnha to get a 21MP JPEG which Snapseed then down-samples to 16MP


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