Am I too young to own a D800?

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Am I too young to own a D800?

Now before everyone laughs at this post I am being serious and need some 'life' advice from some more advanced hobbyist on how they justify buying such expensive hardware for a hobby.

I am 22 and I am pretty successful with a good steady income, still live at home with the parents, and have no bills or debt. I am still an amateur but have had a love of photography since early high school. I primarily shoot street photography and like the idea of walking around and catching moments that will never happen again.

I recently invested into a 5D MkII (longtime Canon user) and was really upset with the quality of the Camera. I remember drooling over this camera few years ago when I was still using a 40D and it just did not live up to the hype. The AF was horrible, its metering system was awkward, low light performance was close to non-existent and it really seemed to be worse than my beloved 40D. So I returned it and sold a bunch of my primes (still have one left) because I decided I needed to reevaluate my equipment.

What I loved about the 5D was its viewfinder being big and bright and having 21 MP was glorious for cropping (especially with how little time I have to take shots sometimes). So I was told to take a look at the D700, Fuji X-Pro, NEX-7, Leica M8, etc. Now while I'd love to go Leica, i feel as it would be a disservice to pay $2500-$3000 for it and not be able to afford the lenses that leica are known for (I can not afford $2k+ lenses). So that idea has gone and than I looked into the NEX and Fuji APS-C solutions and realized I'd have the same complaints when it came to AF in these models and probably be disappointed with the viewfinder and general performance. So the D700 seemed perfect! Better yet, the price dropped!

So I was all ready yesterday to invest in the D700 and a couple of primes (50 f1.4 and sigma 28mm f1.4) when I realized that Amazon had 12months no interest and I could upgrade to the D800 and build my credit a bit. So I went for that option and was extremely excited to be able to have the best that Nikon offers. Now where my concern was when I was talking to my old photo teach from college today (still keep in touch) I mentioned I preordered the D800. From how he reacted (and from how others have reacted when I told them) they seemed off put because I am going to own such an expensive body.

Now I admit, my skills still have a LONG way to go. I am nothing close to a pro and do not see myself doing this professionally or for an income. Shooting is a release for me from my busy work life and it allows me to slow down and relax. I really do not want to make this a profession because I feel it would take a lot out of it for me. But is the D800 too much for what I will be using it for? I realize some will say that I could use a D7k or D300s but I do not like crop sensor in DSLR. It irks me every time I look into the viewfinder. Some will say that the D700 will be fine but I am curious if I am limiting myself by not upgrading now and having the opportunity to do MF size prints, video, DX mode for that 1.6x multiplier, and all the other D4 internal goodies.

Sorry, I over think things sometimes and am wondering how other hobbyist look at photography being how expensive it gets.

If it helps this is the style of shooting I primarily do:

Canon EOS 40D Canon EOS 5D Nikon D300S Nikon D4 Nikon D700 Nikon D800 Sony Alpha NEX-7
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