Who else wishes the 1D X and 5D III have iPad control/view?

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Re: All that and the iPad is STILL a far better experience than the

gonzalu wrote:

messy Android interface. I support about 150 iPad tablets and a number of iPhones and soon will be about 1500+ iPod Touches and also have started to manage a host of Android devices and the difference is palpable. I also support my Mom and her HTC Incredible 2 and man, is it a PITA. Too many things all over the place.

I support Windows and Mac, both in server and desktop. The couple dozen iPhones I support work so much better, with far fewer user headaches compared with the 4 or 5 Android users I have. Each of those Android users is counting the days until their contract allows them to ditch the dog. One even started using a much older Blackberry until they could get out, such was the hatred.

If you want a few more options, at the expense of hours of dinking around to get it to work, have at it. The numerous versions of Android, varying hardware support of them, inability to upgrade even current devices to the current Android OS, the lack of true tablet size screen support.... the list goes on. Android is great for tinkerers, it really is. I'd consider one as a live view monitor actually. If I wanted to use it as a tablet though, back to the iPad.

Agree or disagree, the market is speaking, and Android is losing. The only way an Android tablet wins is price. My sanity is worth more than the discount.


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